Macau on Lonely Planet Top 10 Regions to Visit in 2015

Macau selected as one of 10 Best Travel Regions of 2015 by Lonely Planet

Described by Lonely Planet as a ‘glitzy boomtown with cultural mix’, Macau has been selected by the authoritative travel guide as one of the 10 Best Travel Regions of 2015, a ringing endorsement from an organisation that regularly scours the world for unique travel destinations. Macau is keeping company in the Top 10 with regions like the Rocky Mountain National Park (USA), Tasmania (Australia), Northern Norway, Copper Canyon (Mexico) and the Atacama Desert (Chile).

Lonely Planet has been relied on for decades by backpackers around the world. Every year, the publication solicits opinions from its global staff, authors and editors, online bloggers and tweeters for their ‘Best in Travel’ selections.

The travel guide publisher says that ‘the casino culture belies Macau’s true charms. Its Portuguese heritage has created a fusion cuisine that combines European, African, Indian and Chinese elements. And where else in the world can you make an incense offering at an ancient Chinese Buddhist temple in the morning, take the world’s highest bungee jump in the afternoon, have a Michelin-starred meal in the evening topped off with a bottle of Portuguese vino, don your finest for a glitzy show and then pull up a plastic stool for some Chinese street food as a midnight snack?’

In addition, Macau Government Tourist Office has been committed to launching diverse promotional strategies and innovative ideas to promote Macau to the public, such as the ‘Macau – Forever New Experience Campaign’ rolled out in Hong Kong earlier this year. The campaign was recognised by the popular Hong Kong Travel publication U Magazine with ‘My Favorite Promotional Strategies - Tourism Board’ Award this year.