Dedicated Bus Lanes to be Introduced in August

New bus lanes exclusively reserved for buses and emergency vehicles

The Macau Special Administrative Region Government Transport Bureau has announced sweeping new traffic flow procedures, effective August. Exclusive bus lanes from Avenida Barra (near A-Ma Temple) across the Inner Harbour to Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau will be implemented from 7:30am to 9.30am and 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Only buses and emergency vehicles may use these lanes.

Other designated routes include from the footbridge at Rua de Almirante Sérgio to Praça de Ponte e Horta (northbound), from Rua de Almirante Sérgio to Barra (southbound), and from the Inner Harbour parking area to Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau (northbound), with operating periods as above. More than 30 street parking bays will be permanently suspended although some streets will retain overnight parking.

This plan only applies to buses and emergency vehicles, not taxis. If non-authorised vehicles stray into the designated lanes the Transport Bureau will not make a forced interception but prosecutions will be made by traffic police or according to the record of the road monitoring machines to be installed.

In order to implement the bus lanes some roads will change the direction of driving, including a new left turn lane in front of the Municipal Market Complex of St. Lourenço (from Rua de Almirante Sérgio to Barra), while prohibiting motorists turning right from Barra. The Travessa do Dr. Lourenço Pereira Marques lane carriageway will be changed to the opposite direction, with additional traffic signals; at Rua das Lorchas one lane will be added to Doca de Lam Mau; at Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos one lane will be added in the direction of Barra; the lane at Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau near Classic Bay will be widened to four lanes; Travessa de Lam Mau near Patane Provisional Market will be changed to the opposite direction for traffic; a new road at the corner of Avenida Marginal do Lam Mau and Rua da Doca Seca will be opened with traffic lights installed.