MGTO Refreshes and Increases Walking Tour Routes

‘Step Out, Experience Macau’s Communities’ activity now offers eight walking tour routes, specifically tailored to distinctively different neighbourhoods

As part of its comprehensive upgrade of the 'Step Out, Experience Macau's Communities' activity Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) launched four new walking tour routes on 16th February. In addition to the four existing routes which have been reconfigured for even more variety and interest, the newly introduced routes brings the total to eight walking tour routes tailored for the maximum exploration enjoyment of Macau's very different neighbourhoods. The routes are designed to balance visitor trends around Macau and foster community tourism.

Parish-oriented Routes

Taking a poll result and community development into consideration, MGTO has tailored eight walking tour routes to seven parishes: namely, Cathedral Parish, St. Lazarus Parish, St. Lawrence Parish, Our Lady of Fatima Parish and St. Anthony Parish on Macau Peninsula in addition to Our Lady of Carmel Parish in Taipa and St. Francis Xavier Parish in Coloane.

The eight themed routes are: Footsteps into the Historic Centre; An Experiment of Creativity; Crossroads of China and Portugal; A Legacy of Arts and Culture; Enchanting Stories of Our Lady of Fatima Parish; The Marriage of East and West in St. Anthony's Parish; Bygone Days of Taipa Village; and Nostalgia in Coloane.

A guidebook in traditional and simplified Chinese titled 'Step Out, Experience Macau's Communities' is also available. The guidebook - presenting the eight routes and relevant information including sightseeing attractions, dining options, transportation, shopping, performance activities and public facilities - can be obtained for free from local hotels or MGTO's Tourist Information counters. An electronic version is available for download on MGTO's website:, while intrepid explorers can also check out the routes and relevant information on the website. In addition, there's a mobile App (Android & iOS versions, with iOS version to be launched soon) for 'Step Out, Experience Macau's Communities' walking tour routes. MGTO is also advertising the routes via WeChat, lightbox ads and short TV promotional videos, among other channels.

One of the unique attractions of the tours is that MGTO has arranged different performances at various sightseeing points along the tour routes at weekends, partnering local organizations to present community tourism activities to boost the charm of the individual districts.

Plugging into Community Feedback

On 27th September 2013, MGTO launched the first four walking tour routes under the theme 'Step Out, Experience Macau's Communities' with the purpose of highlighting the attractions of local districts. Since the project was launched, different social sectors have offered many valuable opinions concerning community tourism development. Thus, MGTO conducted a poll of resident and commercial opinions regarding the new walking tour routes last year. Based on the subsequent analysis and summary of collected suggestions, the Office has now optimized the existing routes in tandem with the launch of the new ones described. Consequently, the eight walking tour routes are based on the parish districts, each of which project a unique flavour.

An important subproject of the Community Tourism Development Plan, the 'Step Out, Experience Macau's Communities' walking tour route activity seeks to promote community tourism in tandem with industry development in different neighbourhoods, helping drive moderate diversification of economic development as well. MGTO will continue to optimize the tourism signage system and local tourism environment through inter-departmental initiatives for the convenience of both locals and visitors. For route details visit: