“Parade for the Celebration of the Year of the Ram”
added festive atmosphere to Lunar New Year in Macau

A great conclusion to a great parade!
Spectacular parade floats attracted large crowds of spectators

The grand outdoor Lunar New Year festivities “Parade for the Celebration of the Year of the Ram" were held on 21st and 28th February, respectively. Celebrating the festive joy with locals and visitors, the event featured parade floats and local displays with performances by over 1,000 people plus a fireworks show as well as performances presented by famous singers from Hong Kong and Macau singers.

The theme of the parade this year was “Adorn the City with Opulence and Joy". On 21st February, some 14 floats joined the parade in tandem with 25 local groups and 9 performing groups from the Mainland, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Thailand and Taiwan, China. The number of performerstotalled 1,288. There were three performance themes; namely, 'Rejoice into the New Year', 'Blessings of Prosperity' and 'Blooming into Brilliance'. The floats and performing groups marched along Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen in Macau until reaching Sai Van Lake Square by Macau Tower .

On 28thFebruary, the 'Parade for the Celebration of the Year of the Ram' again featured 14 floats, with the opening ceremony held in Rua Norte do Patane at 8:00pm The parade passed through Avenida do Conselheiro Borja and finished at Iao Hon Market Garden.

The 14 floats in the parade are currently being showcased in Sai Van Lake Square and Tap Seac Square from 21st February to 8thMarch to allow photo opportunities for locals and visitors.