‘The Cuisine of Macao from my Grandfather’s House’ now Available

Revised edition of ‘The Cuisine of Macao From My Grandfather’s House’

In order to promote and pass on Macanese gastronomy the Cultural Affairs Bureau has published a revised edition of 'The Cuisine of Macao from my Grandfather's House' in Chinese and in a bilingual Portuguese-English version, enabling a broader range of readers to become familiar with Macau's unique gastronomic techniques.

In the course of the 16th Century Discoveries the Portuguese sailed from Europe to the East, combining lifestyles, customs and dishes from Africa and Asia, developing each place's cuisine and largely enriching their original gastronomy. Macanese cuisine thus became an important gastronomic culture for hundreds of years, to the extent that techniques of Macanese gastronomy were inscribed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Macau in 2012.

Author Graça Pacheco Jorge, brought up in a long established Macanese family, has spared no effort in putting out the word about Macanese gastronomy, and continues to organise and publicise related activities, including lectures, workshops and training courses, as well as participating in documentaries on local gastronomy produced in Portugal, Japan and Hong Kong.

In 1992, what is now the Cultural Affairs Bureau published a Portuguese edition of 'The Cuisine of Macao from my Grandfather's House'. Two decades later, Graça Pacheco Jorge has revised the original recipes and added new dishes. In order to enable even more foreign readers to appreciate the unique Macanese culture as well as its life customs through its cuisine, the Cultural Affairs Bureau commissioned the book's translation in Chinese and a bilingual Portuguese-English version.

The Chinese version of 'The Cuisine of Macao from my Grandfather's House' is available for sale at MOP170, while the Portuguese-English bilingual version retails at MOP250 and MOP170 for the hardback and paperback editions, respectively. Copies can be picked up from Macau Cultural Plaza, Lda., Seng Kwong Bookstore, the Portuguese Bookstore, Macau Historical Archives, the Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre and the Public Information Centre on Rua do Campo. For enquiries, please call (853) 8399 6699 during office hours.