• Applications for FIC’s ‘Subsidy Programme for Integration of Culture and Creativity into Community Revitalization’ are invited up to 28th September, 2018
  • The programme seeks to enable retail outlets to harness the characteristics of the cultural and creative industry to elevate the values of local businesses

FIC Announces ‘Subsidy Programme for Integration of Culture and Creativity into Community Revitalization’

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The Macao SAR Government Cultural Industries Fund (FIC) is running the 'Subsidy Programme for Integration of Culture and Creativity into Community Revitalization' from 9th April to 28th September with the aim of optimising the operating environment of business in communities in a gradual and orderly manner by combining shops with local characteristics with the cultural and creative industry. The objective is to uplift the values of these shops and further enhance cultural and creative industry development in every community.

For application, cultural and creative companies established for at least three years are invited to apply, as are companies in the retail or F&B sector established for at least eight years that have operated independently in their commercial spaces. The amount of subsidy available under the scheme covers design fee (MOP100 thousand) with 50 per cent for implemented expenses (maximum amount of MOP200 thousand). The first phase of the subsidy programme will be limited to a quota of 30 enterprises.

The scope of the subsidy includes two sections - namely, the narration of the story of the brand plus brand image build-up, and promotion and redecoration of its commercial spaces. Shops with local characteristics and cultural and creative elements are required to share the stories behind their brand, and promote and redecorate both the brand and its commercial spaces. This will include trademark design, packaging design, uniform design, product or menu design plus promotions combined with cultural and creative features (including graphic design, music, film, animation and so forth), façade design, shop sign design, interior image design, and spatial planning.

Every application will be evaluated by the FIC Committee. FIC will monitor the implementation of the projects of successful candidates, with subsidy withdrawn if candidates are unable to finish the project by the deadline without any reasonable explanation.