• The inaugural edition of Art Macao held 41 large-scale events spanning for six months (Photo courtesy of Cultural Affairs Bureau)
  • Art Macao is held in 55 locations across the city (Photo courtesy of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau)

Art Macao Attracts 16 Million Visitors within Six Months

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The first edition of Art Macao drew over 16 million visitors to its 41 large-scale events. The program of the event included 21 international art exhibitions, six outdoor art installations, 11 large-scale performances and three international youth festivals held in 55 locations across the city. A total of 328 artists from 37 countries and regions participated in the events, together with 1002 outreach activities. Over 17 million tourists have visited Macao throughout the six-month event, marking a satisfactory result as a cultural and tourism brand.

A signature art event shapes Macao into a platform for international cultural exchange, extending influence to the Cultural Bay Area

Art Macao is jointly organised by several departments of the Macao SAR Government, in cooperation with six hotels and integrated resorts as well as five foreign consulates accredited in Hong Kong and Macao. The mega-event aims to fully motivate talents and resources, reflecting the desire that all social sectors, from the government, enterprises, artists to residents, keenly participate in this international cultural and artistic feast. It has changed the way cultural activities are organised in the city, and has injected great power to the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. 

Moreover, a series of promotional activities on Art Macao were held in several international cities and major tourism markets, attracting participation from numerous well-known media companies and adding popularity to the event.

On the occasion of the 20th Greater Pearl River Delta Cultural Co-operation Meeting, Art Macao hosted a ‘Gala Dinner’ for in-depth exchange and further cooperation opportunities with professionals in the cultural and tourism industries in the Greater Bay Area.

Art Macao also received great attention by the media and art sectors from the Greater Bay Area, who made extensive coverage of the event during their visit to Macao for exhibitions and performances, extending the influence of Macao as a cultural brand in the Greater Bay Area. By giving full play to its advantage in cultural resources, Macao is now actively promoting mutual development with the cities in the Greater Bay Area.

Artistic inheritance brings Macao into the international stage, integrating culture and arts in all sectors of the community

During Art Macao, the “Artists Talk” invited young artists from different fields to discuss about the future path of development for culture and arts. Art Macao has also launched ‘Art Tour’ in a series of exhibitions to promote the popularization of art education. Since its launch, ‘Art Tour’ was highly welcomed by the public with nearly 1000 participants in 33 sessions recorded within two months.

In addition, the school and public sessions of ‘Lectures on Cultural Topics X Art Macao’ were held, with the theme of ‘public art and installation art’ to promote the public participation in culture and arts. During the event period, a number of exhibitions provided guided tours, guiding audience to enjoy the exhibitions from various perspectives. The mobile application ‘Art Macao’ was also launched with different functions such as route planning, exhibition venue information and funny photography for the residents and tourists. A number of prize games were also promoted on social media to increase the interest of public participation.