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Hotels designated for medical observation quarantine

The Macao SAR Government is temporarily using local hotels to conduct medical observation on Macao residents and other individuals subject to a special 14-day quarantine programme after arriving to the city during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The majority of those under quarantine are Macao residents studying overseas who recently returned to the city.

At peak, a total of 12 hotels were used by the Government for the medical observation programme. A total of 4,534 rooms were made available via the designated hotels. Hotels no longer needed for the medical observation programme were each submitted to deep clean and disinfection processes once the last individuals subject to quarantine checked out.

Initial guidelines from Macao’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre suggested the 14-day medical observation period could be carried out either at home or at a designated location. In response to input from the public, and concerns regarding self-quarantine at home, the Macao SAR Government decided to arrange for those currently returning to Macao, to undergo medical observation at designated hotels. This permits close monitoring of the health of each person in quarantine, so that there can be immediate follow-up, testing and treatment should any COVID-19 symptoms arise. Such a system reduces the risk of transmission of the disease within the person’s household and the wider community.

The process of choosing designated hotels for medical observation required the Government to take into careful consideration a diverse range of factors and conditions. The consent of the designated hotels also had to be sought. Before designating a hotel for medical observation, the health authorities had to carry out a strict assessment of the venue, which included an on-site inspection of the hotel’s ventilation system and of other facilities.

The 12 hotels used as venues for medical observation were: Pousada Marina Infante Hotel; Golden Crown China Hotel; Regency Art Hotel; Grand Coloane Resort; Metropole Hotel; Treasure Hotel; San Tung Fong Commercial Inn South Wing; Grand Lapa; Grand Harbour Hotel; Royal Dragon Hotel; Jai Alai Hotel; and a special isolated area at Sheraton Grand Macao. These designated hotels were committed to fulfilling their corporate social responsibility duties, and to providing support and coordinating with the SAR Government for implementation of medical observation measures.