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Note: All information is correct at the time of release.

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October Golden Week visitor arrivals in Macao curtailed by COVID-19

Provisional statistics show that Macao had more than 156,000 visitors during the 1st October Golden Week, which began on National Day and ended on 8 October. Average daily visitor arrivals were curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, decreasing by 86.0 percent compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

Some 145,000 visitors, 93.1 percent of the total, were welcomed from Mainland China. This was the major source of visitors but represented an 84.0 percent decline in average daily visitor arrivals compared to 2019. Owing to pandemic prevention measures, just 9,614 of the visitors were from Hong Kong, 1,231 from the Taiwan region and 13 from international markets.

Despite measures taken against the pandemic and declining travel intentions across markets globally, visitor arrivals from the Mainland to Macao have gradually risen in recent months as the pandemic has stabilised in both places.

The rebound is also attributed to campaigning by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) to inform people about the reinstatement of travel permit issuance for Mainland residents to Macao, and to promote Macao as a popular destination offering a safe environment. Average daily visitor arrivals rose from about 6,000 in the first week after travel permit issuance was resumed, to nearly 20,000 during the October Golden Week.

Average occupancy at 43.6 percent

Figures given by the hotel industry indicate that the average occupancy rate of hotels and guest houses in Macao fell to 43.6 percent during the October Golden Week from 94.0 percent a year earlier, a year-on-year decrease of 50.4 percentage points. There were 42,441 rooms in Macao at the beginning of October.

Establishment typeAverage occupancy rate during October Golden WeekDifference (in percentage points)
5-star hotels        43.2 percent        -52.0
4-star hotels        45.2 percent        -47.4
3-star hotels        51.9 percent        -42.8
2-star hotels        21.4 percent-61.0
Guest houses23.9 percent-51.7

The average room rate in hotels and guest houses in Macao was about MOP1,290.5 during the October Golden Week, 30.0 percent less than a year earlier.

Establishment typeRoom rate during October Golden WeekPercentage of change
5-star hotels        MOP1,634-26.9%
4-star hotels        MOP605.2-49.4%
3-star hotels        MOP821.6-32.2%
2-star hotels        MOP285.7-69.7%
Guest housesMOP240.3-65.7%

Promoting prevention measures

During the October Golden Week, MGTO used various ways of informing visitors about measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and of keeping them up to date about the pandemic. MGTO displayed tips for Mainland Chinese visitors on television screens in the Gongbei Port immigration hall, posted guidelines on its website, gave out information at MGTO Tourist Information counters at various ports of entry, called attention to COVID-19 prevention measures on WeChat and Weibo, produced a graphic abstract of tips for Mainland Chinese visitors, and distributed leaflets at MGTO Tourist Information counters. Hotels and other tourism industry establishments also took part in promoting prevention measures to visitors.

MGTO stepped up its patrols at various tourist spots, at ports of entry and in other parts of Macao. Staff took concerted action with the police to counter illegal accommodation, and MGTO inspectors stood by around the clock. MGTO’s tourism hotline +853 2833 3000 maintained its 24-hour operator service.

Between 1 October and 8 October MGTO conducted 22 inspections at major ports of entry and tourist attractions. No sign of any irregularity was found.

The Public Security Police Force and MGTO officials mounted one joint operation against illegal accommodation. No apartments operated as illegal accommodation were detected.

MGTO received five complaints from visitors during the October Golden Week. The complaints were mainly about hotel service, room reservation and COVID-19 prevention measures.

MGTO will keep publicising its “Macao Ready Go!” online platform and the promotional information and special offers presented by the Macao SAR Government in partnership with Tencent, Alibaba,, UnionPay International and Air Macau, with a view to attracting visitors to holiday in Macao, and to making them increase spending and stay longer, so building up momentum toward reviving various sorts of business and the economy as a whole.