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Exhibition at Pátio da Eterna Felicidade reveals history through architecture

An exhibition revealing the story of Macao people’s daily life in the courtyards and alleys in the past has opened in a newly restored section of the Historic Centre of Macao. “Pátio Memories – Exhibition of Life in Pátios and Becos in the Bygone Days” showcases the architecture and culture of a section of Pátio da Eterna Felicidade, directly to the west of the Ruins of St. Paul’s.

Organised by the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau, the exhibition shows the uses and restoration of the heritage buildings around Pátio da Eterna Felicidade.

With restoration work completed on the exterior of the buildings at No.8 and No.10, the outdoor space at No. 14, and the Pátio da Eterna Felicidade, visitors can appreciate the appearance of the buildings and gain an insight into an area that was a Chinese enclave.

There are nearly 200 streets in Macao named pátio or beco. The area near Pátio da Eterna Felicidade is relatively big and has been better preserved. It features traditional Chinese residential buildings of varying heights in a coherent style that together display the distinctive characteristics of the city’s pátios.

“Pátio Memories – Exhibition of Life in Pátios and Becos in the Bygone Days” shows the daily lives of residents in the becos and patios through illustration, video and photography grouped into three subjects: food, lifestyle and playtime. The exhibition also features a variety of scenes and characters inspired by life among the pátios and becos created by local illustrator Un Chi Wai, in a bid to make this a “lively and interesting” experience for the public.

The exhibition is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., including public holidays, and admission is free. The entrance is at No.10, Pátio da Eterna Felicidade, off Beco dos Faitiões, which can be reached from Rua de Santo António/Rua de São Paulo.

At Pátio da Eterna Felicidade, the Zero Distance Cooperative has been invited to host an activity called “Storytelling”, with a number of sessions scheduled for February and March. It is designed for families and shares stories about Macao through an interactive theatre play.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau will make use of the open space near Pátio da Eterna Felicidade to organise thematic activities related to the culture of pátios and becos from time to time.

In the meantime, the Cultural Affairs Bureau will continue reinforcement and restoration works, striving to complete the revitalisation plan for the area as soon as possible, with a view to developing it as a cultural and leisure area.