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Events & Festivals

A summer of exhibitions unfurls across the city as “Art Macao” blooms

Macao is blooming in a great garden of creativity as the mega international cultural and artistic event “Art Macao” continues into its second month.

Across the city, “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021” is creating an immersive cultural atmosphere with some 30 art exhibitions in 25 locations already underway. Under the concept “To Create for Well-being”, creative ideas from around the world have been gathered in a promotion for our World Heritage city.

“Art Macao” is divided into sections that include the Main Exhibition, Special Exhibition of Resorts and Hotels, Creative City Pavilion, Public Art Exhibition, Selected Works by Local Artists and Collateral Exhibition.

Local and global

Under the curation of Professor Qiu Zhijie, one of China’s most influential contemporary artists, “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021” features six eye-catching outdoor art installations.

Displayed at different corners of the city are creations of artists from Mainland China, Thailand, Argentina, Egypt and Italy. Among them is “Gathering” by Su Xinping from Mainland China, which creates a mountain-like shape from a perspective looking up to huge hands, unfolding a world of continuous fracture and reunion.

“Global City”, by Leandro Erlich from Argentina, uses the concept of a global village to demonstrate the indivisibility of human life. The piece “Sun Boat” by Moataz Nasr, from Egypt, features a sun disc of 360 paddles tied together to illustrate the endless, interconnected movement of human beings seeking a better life.

“Selected Works by Local Artists” provides an international exchange platform for Macao artists. A series of 12 artworks by Macao artists will be exhibited.

In the “Collateral Exhibition”, the city’s higher education institutions will host exhibitions, allowing students to show their artistic vitality.

A series of art exchange activities are planned during the event, as well as Art Tours in various exhibition venues, allowing the audience to explore the charm of “Art Macao”.

Creative culture on display

The Creative City Pavilion, a new feature at “Art Macao”, brings together the cultural essence of selected UNESCO Creative Cities, including Macao, Nanjing, Wuhan and Linz.

“Macao: City of Gastronomy – Bon Appétit!” features the works of 13 artists (groups), including Carlos Alberto dos Santos Marreiros and Wong Ka Long, who each explore themes around food, society and history. 

Nanjing is known as a city of literature and creation, and its exhibition, “Opening Up the Realm”, features works from dozens of outstanding poets, novelists, critics, and artists. The works include manuscripts, calligraphies, documentaries and paintings.

The exhibition “Wuhan: City of Design – Empathy” focuses on individuals in grand historical events from a micro perspective. And “Linz: City of Media Arts – The Art of Interface” displays the works of multimedia artists engaging in digital art from Linz, Austria.

Putting on a special show

Macao’s hotels, integrated resorts and other leading enterprises have arranged key exhibitions this year, offering creative surprises and aesthetic delights.

Organised by Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd, “Juxtapose” presents the giant steel rod sculptures by Malaysian artist Tang Mun Kian, depicting Macao’s cultural heritage, architecture, ancient trades and festivals.

“The Sea” is organised by Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd, and it brings together efforts by artists from different countries in a series of installations featuring videos and photos, music, artificial intelligence and flower art, based on themes such as water and marine life conservation.

Through the imagery of the Awakening Lion, the “Awakening” exhibition by MGM China Holdings Ltd features art from renowned artists Xue Song, Liu Guofu and Hung Yi. Internationally recognised art from the “MGM Chairman’s Collection” will also be unveiled for the first time.

“Project Sands X: Beyond The Blue – An Exhibition of Ceramic Extraordinaire” features works from more than 20 international artists and art institutions, organised by Sands China Ltd, that combines ceramics, with technology, and innovative presentation.

A showcase of the unique styles of local artists, and fusion of Chinese and Western elements, is displayed by SJM Resorts Ltd in the exhibition “Art · Creation · New Ambience – Transformative Thinking, Enter an Era of Extraordinary Breakthroughs”. Also on show are famed works by local artists.

“Illusions and Reflections – Through the Eyes of the Masters” presented by Wynn Macau is a showcase of illustrations, ceramics, photographs and calligraphy. Included is “Life Reflection: Contemporary Ceramics of Zhu Legeng”, a display of the artist’s fine ceramic creations made and exhibited during official visits with national leaders, as well as ceramic installations inspired by the spirit of Macao.

Themed with Shen embroidery, “China Shen Embroidery Art Exhibition” promotes traditional Chinese culture and is organised by Nam Kwong Group.

A festival for all

“Art Macao” runs until October, under the patronage of the Macao SAR Government Secretariat for Social Affairs and Culture, and the Macao SAR Government Secretariat for Economy and Finance. 

The event is staged by the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Macao Government Tourism Office. It is co-organised by the Macao SAR Government Education and Youth Development Bureau, and supported by the Macao SAR Government Municipal Affairs Bureau.

The Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau will strictly follow relevant COVID-19 guidelines from the Macao SAR Government Health Bureau and implement the appropriate measures during “Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021”. Participants must wear face masks, undergo temperature checks, present a valid “Macao Health Code”, and follow all crowd control measures.

Admission to all activities is free. For more information, please visit the official website at, “artmacao” on Instagram, the “IC Art” page on Facebook, and “IC_Art_Macao” on WeChat.