Penguins Undercover Ice World with the Dreamworks Gang

The ‘Penguins Undercover Ice World with the DreamWorks Gang’ promises lots of surprises (Photo provided by The Venetian Macao)

Up until 8th March 2015, ‘Penguins Undercover Ice World with the DreamWorks Gang’ teams you up with the Penguins of Madagascar in a top-secret global adventure in which visiting families can explore six specially themed zones populated by DreamWorks Animation films characters.

The journey starts with ‘Inspiration’, with the canals and elegant squares of The Venetian Macao and singing gondoliers serving as the backdrop for meeting the Penguins of Madagascar. Then on to Shrek’s Swamp to see Shrek, Fiona and their friends celebrating the holidays with a strong sense of ‘Family Values’. Then it’s off to Madagascar where Alex and his friends party down in the spirit of ‘Friendship’. Further on, visitors will reach the Isle of Berk, where Vikings and Dragons live together in ‘Harmony’. While at the Jade Palace we get a taste of ‘Chinese Tradition’ from Po, the Kung Fu Panda and friends. Finally, visitors return to The Venetian Macao to join the Penguins in a final ‘Celebration’.

Ice World is Asia’s largest annual indoor frozen wonderland created from thousands of blocks of multi-coloured ice skilfully carved into amazingly detailed sculptures by a team of expert craftsmen from Harbin in northern China, with this year’s edition promising to be the most spectacular yet. Visitors can take souvenir photos among these amazing locations with their favourite characters.

It’s worth noting that there are family packages and that Ice World is a frigid - 8 Celsius. Closed-toe shoes, hats, gloves and long pants are strongly recommended, while hooded coats will be provided inside the attraction in a variety of sizes for children and adults. Hats, gloves, ear muffs and socks can be purchased on site, and shoe-hire is available.

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