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PATA Gold Awards 2020 now calling for applications

Tourism industry organisations and individuals in Macao making outstanding contributions to the successful promotion of the travel sector throughout the Asia-Pacific region are encouraged to submit applications for the 2020 Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards. The deadline for submissions is 15 July. The PATA Gold Awards Dinner and Presentation will take place during PATA Travel Mart 2020.

The PATA Gold Awards are being sponsored by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) for the 25th consecutive year. The Awards set the standards for excellence and innovation in the field. This year, the association is enhancing the PATA Gold Awards via several new categories. This is in order to reinforce the position of the PATA Gold Awards as an innovative and prestigious format for recognising the achievements of the Asia-Pacific travel and tourism sector.

PATA will present three “Grand Title Winners” for ‘best of show’ entries in broad categories – “Marketing”, “Sustainability” and “Human Capital Development”. An additional 23 Gold Awards will be bestowed by PATA. New categories making their debut at the 2020 event are: “Climate Change Initiative”; “Tourism for All”; and “Youth Empowerment Initiative”. The period for applications for all categories is now open.

MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes said regarding the PATA Gold Awards: “The relentless growth trajectory of tourism has opened new avenues of development; however by its nature the industry is prone to disruption in the face of events like the COVID-19 outbreak. As a tourism city, Macao is glad to support the PATA Gold Awards, and encourages governmental and private-sector tourism stakeholders to join this platform.”

She added: “By showcasing best practices, organisations and individuals can contribute to an ongoing dialogue on how we can work together to build a vibrant, yet sustainable and resilient tourism industry in these volatile times.”

The Chief Executive Officer of PATA, Mario Hardy, said in his commentary his organisation was “sincerely grateful to MGTO for sponsoring the PATA Gold Awards 2020,” and for MGTO’s “continued commitment to a responsible and sustainable tourism industry”.

He added: “These awards provide us with the perfect opportunity to recognise and reward the very best the Asia-Pacific travel industry has to offer”.

Mr Hardy further noted: “The winners of these awards set industry standards for excellence and innovation and serve as examples for others to follow. This year, we have streamlined the number of awards to truly highlight the accomplishments of the winners. I encourage all organisations that demonstrate excellence in conception, creativity and fulfilment to submit their applications today.”

The Gold Awards are decided by a judging panel of international experts. The Awards recognise exceptional achievement in three broad categories, with 23 Gold Awards and three Grand Title Winner honours on offer. Of three broad categories, “Marketing” provides the opportunity for 14 Gold Awards and one Grand Title Winner; “Sustainability” offers eight Gold Awards and one Grand Title Winner; and “Human Capital Development” makes available one Gold Award and one Grand Title Winner.

MGTO and Macao travel trade entities have collectively received a number of PATA Gold Awards in past years. The subject topics have included marketing, heritage matters, and corporate social responsibility.

PATA members and non-members are entitled to submit applications for the PATA Gold Awards. For more information please visit