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Dive into the deep blue at Unseen Oceans at the Macao Science Centre

There is an opportunity to explore the mysteries of the ocean and discover the work of marine scientists in a new exhibit called “Unseen Oceans” at the Macao Science Centre, from now until 26 September.

The exhibition has more than 30 exhibits, divided into nine areas, including “Fantastic Drifters”, “Mysterious Creatures”, “Encountering Giant Creatures”, “Deep End of the Ocean”, “Invisible Boundary”, “Rich Ocean”, and “Evolution of the Mirror Sea (Waters around Macao)”.

The exhibit is produced and designed by the American Museum of Natural History, with input from British and American scientists.

Visitors can explore from the sunny surface to the deep dark depths through the help of advanced mechanical and satellite technology. Along the way, the public will learn about the latest marine research methods and discoveries from the deep through interactive and multimedia exhibits.

Upon entering “Unseen Oceans”, models of fluorescent fish and plankton greet guests. Then step into a 180-degree surround projection area where visitors will see animated action from rare marine creatures such as blue whales, giant squid and manta rays.

Across the venue, audiences will sense the colourful schools of fish shuttling around in the underwater world. Children can take on the role of a marine scientist, peering through microscopes to see microorganisms or steer a scientific submersible between ridges on the seabed.

Each of these detailed interactive and multimedia exhibits are designed to inspire – and promote – the preservation of marine environments and sustainability. These vitally important concepts are brought home in a special exhibition called “Evolution of the Mirror Sea”. 

“Evolution of the Mirror Sea” details the evolution of Macao’s waters and routes, using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to track the city’s development from a small fishing village to the development and management of the fishing industry.

Alongside the multimedia, interactive games and videos, other activities cover educational resources and worksheets, guided drama, parent-child workshops, and public lectures.

In an exciting new upgrade to the venue, the projection equipment at the Planetarium now includes the latest laser projection technology and 3-D glasses, which produces clearer images in greater detail. The Planetarium will show the new dome programme “Oceans: Our Blue Planet”, taking the audiences to experience the icy shores of Antarctica, tropical waters of coral reefs and underwater forests, and explore the strange creatures that reside in the dark abyss.

The “Unseen Oceans” exhibition runs until 26 September at the Atrium and Gallery 2 of the Exhibition Centre at the Macao Science Centre. For more information about the exhibition, please visit: