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Launch of new smart trip planner shows Macao is full of fun

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) launched the “Macao Full of Fun – Smart Trip Planner” on 28 October, a new platform that reorganises the walking tour routes from “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities” and incorporates more community tourism elements, enabling users to plan their own itineraries for an enriched sightseeing experience. The planner also aims to revive the city’s economy.

MGTO has unveiled several smart tourism projects, including the new “Smart Trip Planner” website and one-stop mobile application in late 2020, and they offer an array of tourism information. The initiative was part of the Macao SAR Government’s strategy to build a smart city, and the proposed approaches of the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan.

Diverse itineraries

As well as the current functionality of the “Smart Trip Planner” website, the brand-new “Macao Full of Fun” platform features information about the fabric of community tourism, such as details about Macao’s Distinctive Shops, cultural and creative shops, check-in hotspots, and tips on leisure and entertainment offerings.

Users can tailor their itineraries to suit their own interests for an in-depth discovery of Macao’s local communities, which is expected to inject vitality into these communities and help revive the local economy.

The “Macao Full of Fun – Smart Trip Planner” was launched with refreshed suggestions for walking tour routes that were part of the “Step Out, Experience Macao’s Communities” initiative. 

To cater for those visitors who do not have specific spots of interest when planning their travel, four walking tour routes were thoughtfully pre-designed on the “Macao Full of Fun” platform: the “World Heritage Tour in Central District”; the “Art & Cultural Tour in St. Lazarus Parish”; the “Portuguese Ambiance Tour at Taipa Island”; and “Tranquillity Tour in Coloane Village”.

The website of the “Macao Full of Fun – Smart Trip Planner” is available at

Mak Mak art installations at Taipa Municipal Garden and Taipa Houses
The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) and the Macao SAR Government Cultural Affairs Bureau have jointly set up four art installations, with the theme “Having Fun with Mak Mak”, at respectively the Taipa Municipal Garden and at the Taipa Houses. 
Representations of Macao Tourism Mascot “Mak Mak”, dressed in Portuguese traditional costume, are being displayed as a travelling companion to visitors to the installations, encouraging them to interact and to take photographs, so capturing the moments with their families and friends.